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Bio of Dame Armsmere D'Ravenglass, AKA Amy Farrell
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Dunroven Keep
Hands On History

Dunroven Keep is a guild of Renaissance Faire reenactors dedicated to living and teaching
the Code of Chivalry as a life-style for the 21st Century.  We also participate in Scottish Highland Games
and other cultural events. Our goal is to be interactive with faire visitors and teach history to them
in the most exciting and meaningful way: 
Hands On. 

Our encampment is a living history environment with displays
of the accouterments which would be seen in the castle of a Renaissance or Medieval knight.
Visitors are welcomed into our encampment and invited to handle full-weight tournament-dull
swords, lances and other period weapons.  They are invited to try on reproduction armour and helmets,
while knowledgeable guild members describe the historical context of each item.

Guild members answer questions, explain how the items were made and how they were
used in the historical time period.  There may be a demonstration of the armour-maker's craft, or the
painting of heraldic arms upon a shield, or other handcraft of the period.

Sword fighting demonstrations are periodically presented in an enclosed area, either armored
or unarmored, featuring two-handed sword, sword and shield or rapier techniques.


Also, interactive presentations are made at three different times throughout the faire day,
with a schedule posted at the encampment gate. Topics such as:  The development of the sword, its styles
and methods of use; dueling and its societal impact; the Tournament; Living the Code of Chivalry
how the long bow effected European history; or specific historical battles. 
When booking, event organizers may request specific topics and the guild
will do its utmost to accommodate.

The lives of historical figures provide other topics:  Henry the Eighth, Elizabeth the First,
Sir Francis Drake, Mary Queen of Scots, Joan of Arc, William Wallace,
Rob Roy or William Marshall are some examples.

At period-appropriate events, we also can make presentations on other historical topics, for instance, 
we do an excellent presentation on The American Civil War, with all the kit of a Civil War soldier.  


In addition, at Renaissance Faires we present talks geared towards helping the interested visitor
or new participant learn how to develop a character, find and join a acting guild, build their costume,
and the basic acting techniques to be more successful in environmental theater.

Dunroven Keep is available for school and club presentations.  For a reasonable monetary fee
to defray costs of time and travel, we can put on full-day or partial day programs that
fit your school's history curriculum or your club's current interest
and is informative as well as inspiring.

Our "Living the Code of Chivalry, a Life of Honor in the Modern World" program
is especially important for school kids for its character-building qualities.


We at Dunroven Keep find that people of all
ages love to learn history the Hands On way.

Email: armsmere@21stcenturychivalry.com

Bio of Dame Armsmere D'Ravenglass, AKA Amy Farrell
Knight of the Order of Dunroven Keep, Webmistress and Guildmistress:

Amy Farrell began performing at the Northern Renaissance Pleasure Faire
in 1967 at the age of seven.  Starting out as a child mime and poster-hawker, she eventually worked
games booths, Parades, and Washerwomen.  In the late seventies, she helped establish
St. Minerva's Guild and was director of the Washerwomen for three years.  During this period, Amy
taught workshops in Basic Acting Technique and Basic Faire Accent at Northern.
In 1982, she and her black Arabian mare Dreamer performed in the first Tournament of Horses
at Northern under the direction of Kevin Patterson.

She also played a variety of street characters at the Dicken’s Christmas Faire during the
seventies and performed in stage plays at both Pleasure Faire and Dickens. Later, Amy joined
a live steel full-armoured tournament and jousting company and did the small faire circuit in
California, earning her knighthood. She has been a member of various Guilds, including
St. Andrews Guild of Royal Scots, as captain of the shield maidens.

Since 1994, she has taken her Dunroven Keep concept to the Scottish Highland Games
in Fresno and been a popular feature of that annual event. Amy has had a love of history and
 environmental theatre since childhood . In addition to Ren, she has also reenacted the character
of a soldier in the Irish Brigade at Civil War Re-enactments.

Amy is a novelist, with three completed novels and several in the works. She writes historical
fiction and sword fantasy, as well as poetry and songs. She is currently seeking a literary agent.
Look for Amy at Ren and Celtic faires around California. She and the folk of Dunroven Keep
will be there, teaching history the Hands On way.

Amy Farrell, Copyright 2007